Complete factory for producing Pellets Capsules, capsules for packaging dietary supplements.





What are Pellets Capsules?




Pellets Capsules (Pellet Capsules) or Granulator Coating is an innovative food supplement production form of capsules by taking the desired substances (such as drugs or extracts) in powder form and then mixing them together to produce them in the form of small pellets. May be in the form of spheres, beads, or granules and coated with substances to prevent the substances inside the pellets from coming into contact with outside things or with a film coat to allow the pellets to break down in the intestines. which has a higher pH than in the stomach According to the purpose of the product Then it is gradually packed into capsules. This method will even increase the production process. But it will be possible to make pellets with the desired properties. And it makes filling the capsules easier. You can customize the amount of different types of pellets together. Some pellets may be absorbed quickly in the stomach, and some pellets may slowly release the contents inside. So that the body can receive the substance slowly, such as vitamin C.

Making pellet capsules, we can observe from PPI antacid products that if the capsule is opened, it will be found in many pellets. These pellets are designed so that the drug is not destroyed in the stomach and is quickly absorbed in the intestine.



Derma Health, a factory that produces Pellets Capsules for packaging health supplements.

Pellet Capsules in dietary supplements include making pellets to prevent the degradation of vitamin C, vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, amino acids or peptides such as glutathione, or substances that may have problems with the product, such as substances that absorb moisture. Easily enters the pellets. These pellets are coated with HPMC: Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose to protect the pellets from the outside.


 At present, the pellets we have are glutathione. The benefit of making pellets is that they protect glutathione, which is an anti-oxidant. from external conditions Makes the absorption of glutathione better.



How much does it cost to produce Pellets Capsules?

Pellets Capsules  MOQ  100,000 



Factory producing standard Pellets Capsules with modern machinery.



Our production factory produces Pellets Capsules, which are clean, safe, and of high quality, certified to international standards GHPs, HACCP, ISO:22000, HALAL.

Manufacturing factory, accepting production of Pellets Capsules, ready to meet all the needs of customers who want to produce vitamin supplements in various forms. With new innovations that are invented, researched and developed formulas to make your products stand out. and is in demand in the market The factory produces Pellets Capsules. There are many types to choose from from production sources all over the world. There is production innovation. and modern tools provide the most beneficial vitamins to deliver to the hands of consumers. Providing complete production of vitamin supplements. Production is controlled by a pharmacist. and a team of scientists specializing in dietary supplements Including innovative machinery used in modern production. High efficiency Quality guaranteed and international safety standards in every production step



DERMA HEALTH accepts production of Pellets Capsules, low minimum, fast production, delivery of products to your hands.



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