C Cap Skin Supplement


C Cap Skin Supplement, Dietary supplements for radiant skin with various antioxidants, help nourish the skin from the inside, revealing radiant and healthy-looking skin, 500 mg Capsule from.


Dietary supplements for radiant skin, capsule type Help nourish the skin from the inside. Nourish your skin to be strong, clear, and free of wrinkles, acne, and dark spots with the value of extracts that are rich in various antioxidants. Whether it's an extract from blood orange, green heaven dandelion, or grape seed that has the ability to nourish the skin and make it radiant and healthy, it's rich in many antioxidants. It helps reduce inflammation from sunlight and also contains ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, that not only helps nourish the skin but also helps enhance the immune system. Prevent flu Helps prevent free radicals. Does not allow collagen and elastin in the skin to be destroyed. Help slow down aging, nourish the skin, and make the skin look healthy and naturally bright. It comes with rice germ extract, which is an extract from rice that helps soothe the skin and make it stronger. Reduce skin allergies from pollution. In addition, the formula also contains components of L-glutathione, which contribute to the inhibition of melanin production. Makes the skin look brighter and reduces dullness.



Product Benefit

  • Boost immunity
  • Stimulate wound healing
  • Reduce Oxidized LDL levels in the blood.
  • Stimulate the process of building nerve cells.
  • Protect immune cells from toxins or foreign substances such as pesticides etc.
  • Antioxidants
  • Helps the skin return to its normal state.
  • Add radiance to the skin
  • Help restore sunburned skin.
  • Reduce dark spots, dullness



  • Take 1 capsule/time before meal.


Active Ingredients



Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 20%    

  • Helps strengthen the growth of the body.
  • Helps strengthen the body's immunity.
  • Helps control acne problems from blockage of fat.



 Rosehip Extract

  • Helps whiten and brighten skin.
  • Helps exfoliate skin cells and stimulate the creation of new skin cells
  • Helps the skin to be flexible. By stimulating the creation of collagen under the skin.




  • It has excellent antioxidant properties.
  • Helps adjust skin tone to be bright, clear, smooth, soft, and firm.
  • Helps prevent the degeneration of cranial nerves.


Red Orange Extract

  • It is the ultimate extract for nourishing the skin in terms of whiteness.
  • Helps reduce dull skin. Can protect the skin from UVB rays.
  • Helps reduce rashes from sun allergies. and anti-oxidant aspect



  • Vitamin C's unique structure It is another innovation of vitamin C. which is very popular abroad Can be absorbed into the body quickly and is 75% higher than general vitamin C.
  • Can protect the body's immune system more than general vitamin C. Therefore, taking vitamin C in the form of nutrimin C. It will give you maximum benefits. and have sufficient health to cope with the COVID 19 disease that is currently spreading


Rice bran extract

  • Contains antioxidants and has high value to many types of the body
  • Helps make the skin flexible.
  • Helps maintain bright, radiant skin.
  • Helps make the body immune to various diseases.
  • Helps reduce stress and helps strengthen memory
  • Helps protect against UV light. When used to eat or apply Moisturizes the skin and anti-inflammatory This type of substance is very safe.



  • It is an amino acid that the body cannot synthesize itself. Therefore it must be obtained from eating. and is a precursor to the collagen production process
  • Helps make the skin plump and hydrated.
  • Helps increase the absorption of calcium into the body.








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