Soy Isoflavones Nano Collagen


Dietary supplement for youthfulness, soy protein extract, drink type, rose flavour.


Innovation in the extraction of natural extracts Fish collagen helps nourish the skin by adding collagen to the skin and filling deep wrinkles in the skin. It is also rich in essential amino acids for the skin, which help keep the skin healthy and add collagen to the hair. Makes hair strong and radiant; it looks natural. From the innovation of production, collagen is obtained with smaller molecules. Therefore, it is able to be absorbed and used more quickly than general collagen. It is also mixed with pomegranate extract to help nourish the skin and make it rich in antioxidants. Comes with extracts of vitamin C and L-glutathione that help shed skin cells, reveal new skin, and look healthy. Reduces black marks and inhibits melanin production, making your skin white and bright.


Product Benefit

  • Create youthfulness, slow down aging and reduce premature aging blood.
  • Stimulate skin cell renewal Reveal new skin, look healthy, reduce dark spots, help inhibit melanin production.
  • Add collagen to the skin, look soft, moisturized, not dry.
  • Rich in antioxidants strengthen the immune system. Protect your skin from various pollution.
  • Nourish hair, reduce breakage



  • Mix 1 sachet (15 g) of product with 120-150 ml of water and mix well and drink immediately 15 minutes before meal.


Active Ingredients


Collagen HACP

  • Helps strengthen collagen and subcutaneous tissue.
  • Helps reduce skin wrinkles.
  • Helps bones and joints To be stronger


Soy Isoflavone

  • Soy protein that has been refined to remove fat and carbohydrate content. which is rich in protein containing 18 essential amino acids for the body.
  • Helps restore bright skin. Shine like young skin, no acne, beautiful hair, and nourish the body.
  • Helps keep the shape firm. not sagging


Red orange complex

  • Helps reduce skin inflammation. and reduce red rashes from exposure to sunlight
  • Helps reduce dull skin. and increases the brightness of the skin naturally
  • Helps slow down the deterioration of the skin from exposure to sunlight.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants Helps slow down the deterioration of the body. It can also
  • prevent serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.



  • Helps stimulate the body's immune system
  • Helps reduce the creation of melanin pigment.
  • Helps resist the deterioration of skin cells.
  • Helps the skin look radiant and smooth.


Pomegranate Extract

  • Rich in polyphenols and is a very good Anti-Oxidant for the skin.
  • Effective in reducing wrinkles, dark spots.
  • Helps inhibit the creation of skin pigment. Stimulate skin cell turnover


Coenzyme Q10

  • Helps protect and slow down the deterioration of various cells throughout the body, so it is used. For the benefit of the cardiovascular system
  • Helps the heart muscle work better Heart disease symptoms improve Blood pressure in people with high blood pressure decreases.
  • Helps make the body's immune system work better. Reduce symptoms of tiredness chronic fatigue
  • Helps delay skin aging.



Estro G

  • 3 best herbs from the Korean herbal book (Angelicagigas, Phlomisumbrosa and cynanchumwilfordii)
  • Helps make the skin smooth, soft, and moisturized. Full of water, radiant, bright, looks radiant, tight, firm, without wrinkles.
  • Helps in not getting shabby easily. Reduce skin problems caused by hormonal abnormalities such as acne. 









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