Acne Care Plus Zinc


skin care supplements Help adjust skin tone to be white and bright. Makes the skin look moisturized, full of water, clear, soft, helps reduce acne


 Skin care supplements help adjust the skin tone to be white and bright. Makes the skin moisturized, full of water, clear, soft, and moisturized, and helps reduce acne with the main extract from France. Melon SOD is a species imported from France that provides superoxide dismutase (SOD) seven times higher than general varieties. helps strengthen and revitalize the skin to make it radiant, adds moisture by restoring the skin to be white and clear 10 times better than gluta, contains Japanese ceramide to make the skin strong, moisturized, and radiant, and helps to reduce the loss of natural water holding.

In addition, the formula also contains Centella asiatica extract and zinc amino acid chelate 20% to help reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. Makes the skin look smooth and radiant. Prevents acne and acne scars and also contains grape seed extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B3 to help stimulate collagen production and increase the strength and elasticity of the skin layer. Reduce dark spots from scars and acne scars. Adjust the dark skin color to look bright, smooth, and soft. Therefore, when taking this supplement, it makes the skin white and clear. moisturized, full of water, clear, and soft, which helps reduce acne problems as well.

Product Benefit

  • Helps adjust skin color to be white, bright, smooth, soft, and moisturized.
  • Helps reduce acne.
  • Helps restore skin from acne problems. Reduce dark spots from acne
  • Helps acne heal faster.
  • Helps protect the skin from UVA and UVB.
  • Helps stimulate the creation of collagen.


  • Take 1 Tablet per day.

Active Ingredients

Melon SOD

  • Protects skin from both UVA and UVB.
  • Prevents wrinkles and reduces dark spots and redness.
  • Strengthen and restore the skin to be radiant. and maintain moisture
  • Antioxidants are 3,500 times stronger than vitamin C.

Rice bran extract

  • Increase the strength of the skin Moisturized and flexibility.
  • Reduce water loss from the skin. Makes the skin moisturized and radiant.
  • Reduce blemishes, freckles, dark spots on the skin.

Centella asiatica extract

  • Helps reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation
  • Helps make the skin look smooth, soft, and radiant.
  • Helps fight bacteria that causes inflamed acne and pus-filled acne.
  • Helps reduce and relieve inflammation of the skin, such as reducing
  • Inflammation of acne. and ready to help heal wounds
  • Stimulates collagen production Makes the skin look soft, bouncy, and hydrated.
  • Helps nourish and revitalize the body and increase energy to cells Therefore makes the skin look fresh.

Zinc amino acid chelate 20%

  • Zinc is necessary for growth. and development of the reproductive system Zinc promotes wound healing. and burn wounds heal faster
  • Helps improve the absorption of vitamin B and put vitamin A to good use. Zinc is necessary for skin health. Gastrointestinal system, intestines, and central nervous system
  • Helps solve acne problems.

Grape seed extract

  • Helps strengthen collagen under the skin to make the skin strong.
  • Helps the skin to be healthy, wrinkle-free, makes the skin look rosy, younger, and builds immunity to the body.
  • Helps maintain flexibility and the strength of collagen tissue
  • Helps restore youthfulness to the skin.
  • Helps make the face smooth, clear, radiant, and slows down the signs of aging very well.

Vitamin C

  • Helps stimulate the creation of collagen in the skin.
  • Helps increase the strength and elasticity of the skin layer.
  • Helps the skin to be firm and plump, reduce wrinkles, reduce dark spots from various scars and acne marks.
  • Helps adjust dark skin color from sunlight to look more radiant.
  • Helps in repairing tissues in every part of the body, whether it be skin tissue, tendons, blood vessels.

Vitamin E

  • It is a vitamin that dissolves well in fat. It is considered one of the important vitamins that the body needs.
  • Helps make you look younger. By slowing down the process of cell deterioration.
  • Helps nourish the skin, making the skin moisturized. Reduce skin inflammation from sunlight and
  • Helps prevent the breakdown of red blood cells. Prevents blood clots and blood clots. Reduce inflammatory processes in the body that may lead to various diseases.

Vitamin B3

  • Helps to nourish the brain and nerves Ready to strengthen your memory.
  • Helps maintain the health of the tongue Healthy skin and tissues in the digestive system and work more efficiently.
  • Helps synthesize sex hormones and maintain the balance of sex hormones
  • Helps reduce cholesterol levels Triglycerides and LDL that are not good for the body along with increasing HDL
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