Mixed Veggie Detox


Dietary supplement product Detox, rich in Probiotic and Prebiotic, helps nourish the liver, blood, stimulates excretion, Powder Drink 18g Green Apple Flavour


Detox products, the intestines, the liver, and the blood help balance the intestines. Detoxify toxins from the body with the main extract, GANEDEN BC30, a highly durable probiotic. Because it can produce spores. It has the ability to survive in all production processes. Resistant to both hot and cold temperatures. Including being able to tolerate stomach acid, thus allowing the body to receive probiotics effectively. It helps to increase the good microorganisms to adjust the balance of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Helps relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome FOS is a prebiotic that aids in the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, the intestines' and liver's functions are more balanced. Wheat grass extract Rich in about 90 minerals and up to 19 beneficial amino acids, which help strengthen the body's immunity. In addition, the formula also contains other extracts, such as Alfalfa extract, Artichoke, Flax seed extract, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine and Broccoli extract to nourish the blood. It makes the blood circulation system better, nourishes the liver, and helps drive toxins out of the body. Reduce constipation problems. Make the excretory system better. Therefore, when taking this supplement, it helps nourish the liver and blood and stimulates the excretory system very well.


Product Benefit

  • Increases the number of beneficial microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Assist in balancing the intestines so they can function normally.
  • Promotes the excretory system's function.
  • Nourish the liver and blood to help drive toxins out of the body.


Take 1 sachet per day (18 g), dissolved in 120–150 ml of water, and eat before bedtime.


Active Ingredients



Adjust the balance of microorganisms in the digestive system.
Helps relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
The digestive system works well.




  • Extracts that include more than 20 types of fruits and vegetables, all 5 colors.
  • Helps protect cells from destruction.
  • Helps slow down the degeneration of various cells.
  • Helps reduce cholesterol levels
  • Helps reduce the amount of free radicals in the body by 59%


Fructo oligosaccharides (Prebiotic)

  • Helps with digestion
  • stimulate excretion
  • Helps promote the growth of good microbes.
  • Balancing intestinal function
  • Helps stimulate the immune system


Wheat grass extract

  • Reduce the risk of cancer.
  • decreased appetite
  • Reduce cravings for sweets


Konjac extract

  • Reduces the absorption of glucose and fat in the digestive tract.
  • Helps remove toxins from the large intestine through the body's digestive system.
  • Helps stimulate excretion
  • Helps reduce cholesterol levels and blood sugar



Premium Inulin

  • Helps stimulate the digestive system Reduce constipation
  • Helps with digestion and the absorption of starch and sugar slows down
  • Reduce the amount of fat stored in the body.



  • Nourishes the intestinal and digestive systems
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • decreased appetite
  • Balancing blood sugar

Broccoli extract

  • Helps maintain strong bones and teeth. Prevent osteoporosis
  • Helps reduce pain from knee arthritis.
  • Helps fight free radicals
  • Helps increase the body's immunity.
  • Helps nourish and maintain eyesight. Prevent cataracts



Alfalfa extract

  • Reduce constipation problems
  • Remove toxins from the body
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Relieve numbness and swelling
  • Increase red blood cell efficiency


Flax seed extract

  • Helps reduce cholesterol levels
  • Nourishes blood, helps make skin healthy and radiant.
  • Helps increase immunity to disease Prevents and treats inflammation caused by bacteria and viruses.
  • Helps strengthen bones and teeth


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