Whey Protein Cookie & Cream


Dietary supplement Whey protein concentrate, Powder Drink 35g. Cookie & Cream Flavour


           Dietary supplement to help increase protein from Whey Protein Concentrate, which has separated out lactose and fat mixed in milk, has good taste. Contains all 20 essential amino acids and 8 types that the body cannot produce itself. Suitable for those who want to develop muscles. And suitable for people who want to increase their body weight. It also supplements with BCAA (Branched chain amino acid) amino acids including Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine. which is an important amino acid in repair and build muscle. Can help reduce protein breakdown during exercise.
Including reducing pain and muscle damage. Suitable for those who want to build muscle. and those who exercise Helps supplement the daily protein intake.

Product Benefit

  • Add protein to the body.
  • Helps repair and build muscles.
  • Reduce muscle fatigue.



Eat 1 sachet per day, add 200 ml. of water, shake to dissolve before eating.


Active Ingredients


Whey Protein Concentrate

  • Helps build immunity for the body.
  • Helps maintain heart and blood vessel health.
  • Help control weight.
  • Helps restore the body after exercise.
  • Increase strength to bones.
  • Helps supplement protein and build muscle.
  • Prevents muscle loss.


BCAA (Branched chain amino acid)

  • Helps in the protein synthesis process.
  • Reduce fatigue after exercise.
  • Helps in the recovery process of muscles that are torn during exercise.
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